The Kind of Mom

She’s the kind of mom who looks like the sister.
More energy than a jukebox.
Loves the song, “You shook me all night long.”
And the Bible verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
Best known for napkin notes, Cheesy Noodle Fridays and marathon finish lines.
Always there, takes the heat, true to who she is.
Grades papers till one in the morning and hits beer bongs better than a college student.
She speaks her mind and writes her heart.
A friend to all.
Things she will take down: a task list, a pile of laundry and a perfect piece of filet.
Countless books read, park dates and dinners fed;
super-mom now super-nonni.
The heart of our home.
60 years; a compilation of fun, hard work, resilience, loyalty, slap-happy laughter and love.