Altered Latitude started out as a resource for expatriates moving home from living abroad. I wanted to encourage people through this often difficult transition to always live a life of adventure, despite their coordinates on the globe.

I have since evolved from the 20-something girl who lived in Sydney, Australia, to a wife and new mom. My heart is full of more love than ever before, and as always, a healthy amount of wanderlust. I am constantly seeking the balance between living a life of adventure, and putting down roots with my growing family.

San Diego, California is where we call home right now. It’s a city that makes my heart happy. It’s the best place in the world to fly into; you get off the plane and can just breathe easy here. My daughter’s names are Maisley and Coura. Their stories first began on August 16, 2016 and June 1, 2018. I feel so lucky to be entrusted with helping them continue to unfold. My husband Ryan and I still can’t believe we created these spunky, kind, curious and beautiful souls.

For me, writing is much like the feeling of getting on a plane to a foreign destination; thrilling yet terrifyingly vulnerable at times. It’s the best way for me to make sense of my ever-changing world. It’s also a necessity. Otherwise, the narratives just float endlessly around in my chatty brain with no where to go.

So, keep reading if you’re into mom stuff, travel stories, and everything in between. I hope you are finding little adventures everyday, wherever you are in life and wherever you call home right now.






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