Altered Latitude started out as a resource for expatriates moving home from living abroad. I wanted to encourage people through this often difficult transition to always live a life of adventure, despite their coordinates on the globe.

I have since evolved from the 20-something girl who lived in Sydney, Australia, to a writer, wife and mother; constantly expanding and healing from the birth of my three daughters and the sudden death of my deeply loved Dadio. My heart is full of “more” than ever before, and as always, a healthy amount of wanderlust. I am constantly seeking the balance between living a life of adventure, and putting down roots with my family.

San Diego, California is where we call home right now. She’s a city that makes my heart happy – the best place in the world to land where deep breaths and gratitude come easy. My daughter’s names are Maisley, Coura and Mara. Their stories first began on August 16, 2016, June 1, 2018 and March 8, 2021 and I feel so fortunate to be entrusted with helping them unfold. My husband Ryan and I still can’t believe we created these spunky, kind, curious and beautiful souls.

For me, writing is much like the feeling of getting on a plane to a foreign destination; thrilling yet terrifyingly vulnerable at times. It’s the best way for me to make sense of my ever-changing world.

I hope you are finding little adventures everyday, wherever you are in life and wherever you call home right now.


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