Maui Jen

Wakes up to the ocean,
dreams only of happy, swirling sea turtles.
Shreds on a boogie board,
eats the ocean,
floats with her face toward the sun.
Spoiled with never-ending showers;
her hair most comfortable swirled on the top of her head.
A clear mind,
full of life,
she is where her feet are.
Even her toes find freedom outside the Jeep window.
Ready for adventure and pukes on the rafting tour.
Maui Jen, she’s so zen.

Kauai Ry

Two buttons undone on his Hawaiian polo,
he saunters with red dirt beneath his feet.
He takes control of the Jeep,
brings “summer to winter”.
His favorite place to be:
lost at sea with nothing but his snorkel and fins.
He smells like salt and Sun Bum.
Hands in the air;
when not holding a Mai Tai.
Goes commando,
friendly with chickens,
Kauai Ry; he’s my guy.