Struggle Street has a NO Loitering Policy

Struggle street is prime real estate for world travelers.  I know 98% of what you are going through right now.  First and foremost: nothing (and I mean nothing short of the ‘forget machine’ in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) can evaporate all you have accomplished in the last year.  The perception you have right now about trying to readjust to an old life style? Forget it.  Old or new life, you are infinitely awesome because guess what: you are you.  People have short attention spans (Peace Corps staff said the average is about 30 seconds before someone asking “how was peace corps?” gets bored).  It might be the same with Australia, but it’s not a reflection on you; it’s on the person you are talking to. My best advice for you now is to use all you have learned (about yourself, about the business world, about living independently) and make your life amazing.  Be the person who can’t wait to see the how big this world really is. Struggle street has a ‘no-loitering’ policy so I think you’ll be moving along very very soon.           — Tobias Hewitt [Peace Corps Member and Life Enthusiast]

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