Questions for Thought

Here are a few questions that may help to manage your expectations about moving back and also articulate the overall experience for yourself and others.

1)    What are the greatest things I accomplished personally?
Jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, taste tested ‘all parts of the pig’, saw something new everyday, etc.

2)    What are some things I am proud of professionally?
Don’t be modest; this is for your eyes only.

3)    What about my perspective on life has changed since I first got here?
From revelations to those simple ah ha moments.

4)    What is my biggest reason for leaving?
Be honest.

5)    From what I know, how have things changed at home?
People, places, prices, perhaps?

6)    What are 3 things I never want to forget about the person I was and the memories I created abroad?
Write them down so you won’t forget.

7)    Who are the people in my life I know I can count on to have my back?
100%, 25/7, anytime, anywhere kind of people.

8)    Will I be changing jobs?

  1. If so, how will I go about looking for a new one? What are the things that are most important to me in my career? Who can I connect with? How can I utilize what I have learned abroad, in my new job? Don’t settle for just any job, consider all of the above factors.
  2. If not, do I have a network of people in my office to support the transition? How will I thrive in my position without ‘going backwards’? How can I utilize what I have learned, in my current or new role?  Don’t sell yourself short, fight for that promotion if you deserve it.

9)    What was the hardest part about moving abroad and how did I cope? How can I use this knowledge to lessen the reentry shock?
The flip side.

10) What does ‘home’ mean to me?
Find that homeward bliss.

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