Culture Jock

How to go from reverse culture shock to a Culture Jock:

Get to know your teammates and competitors. 
Engage with interesting people who have a different perspective and background.

Gather information and become an expert. Do the work, research and prepare for your next adventure. Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

Go hard or go home.
Well, technically you are already home but still, put 100% effort into achieving the things you want. Get stuck into the game and immerse yourself into your surrounding work, relationships and hobbies.

Keep your head in the game.
Don’t get distracted by fleeting ideas and temptations to jump onto the next best thing. Focus on mastering your current priorities and surroundings before moving onto the next.

Try a new move.
Don’t get caught in your same routine – step out and try something new, you may surprise yourself and others by the outcome.

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