Coffee ‘Dates’

Why networking feels like blind dating.  Now more than ever I can feel the elusive ‘power’ of networking. I have been reaching out to anyone and everyone who might be able to lend a helping….email introduction. From just one networking event, I generated 5 new connections and from those sprouted more connections and so on. So yeah, I get it, it’s a must. However, every coffee meeting still feels like a blind date.

1) Your friend or acquaintance says, ” I know the perfect person for you to talk to. I feel like you two will really connect!”

2) You get nervous beforehand and have those anxious thoughts spinning around:  What should I wear? What do they look like? Will the conversation be enjoyable? How will I know which one they are at the coffee shop? Do I pay or do they? Do I tell them about the other people I have had coffee meetings with?

3) During the meeting (assuming you found them) the conversation can go in many directions: sometimes it flows great while other times the disconnect is so great,  you might as well be speaking a foreign language. And even that might be slightly more interesting.

3) The end of the conversation usually ends in the exchange of digits (business cards). Proceeding thoughts: Did I present myself well? Will I be getting a call again? Is this opportunity ‘the one’?

Don’t give up on networking – the right person is out there for you.

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