Culture Capital

You don’t necessarily need to travel outside of your country lines in order to experience a good culture shock. New York city has a heartbeat of its own. The pulse of the city is felt in every square foot: from high-rise to subway lines, bagel shop to pizzeria, street artist to business exec, times square to central park. You feel different after being a part of it, you understand it a little better, although terrifying at times, it has a calm center that brings peace to the surrounding organized chaos.

The smell of the nut stands when you exit the subways, the group of park artists rapping to their own beats, the ‘suit’ bumping into you as he sprints past like a bat out of hell, the exhausted expressions of weathered workers, the beautiful conversations on outdoor patios over wine and cheese, hundreds of buildings on every block competing for a height competition, horns honking in anticipation of the green light and people, so many people with so many stories and so much diversity.

Take in the culture wherever you travel – let your senses run on overload just to soak up every ounce of character and personality that makes each place strangely and overwhelmingly unique.

Where is your culture capital?

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