Abroadened View

What things about my personality and perspective changed abroad?

  • Became accustomed to being different by default
  • I felt the freedom and confidence to be whomever I wanted to be
  • Thrived on the stimulation of new and exciting things (everyday)
  • My overall openness to new cultures and different types of people – very intrigued by unique perspectives
  • Desire to try everything and not miss out. Always wanting to discover something NEW – whether it’s a local event, café, different type of tea, hike, walking path, restaurant. (a.k.a Passionately curious)
  • Illusive itch to travel and ‘get away’
  • Desire to set bigger goals for myself: go out of the country at least once a year, challenge myself physically in an event at least 3 times year
  • The understanding that I, alone, have complete control over my happiness
  • That aloneness yields confidence but togetherness yields happiness
  • I can literally achieve anything I set my heart and mind to
  • Crushing my fears creates a sense of reward and genuine, self-made confidence

What are some things about yourself that you noticed were different?

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