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DIY Pin World Map

What you will need:
1) Buy or paint a rolled canvas world map (or map selection of your choice) – example
2) Adhesive spray
4) Frame of your choice that fits the map. I found it easiest to get a frame with turnbuttons to seal in the map
3) Foam board that will fit (or can be cut) to fit the dimensions of the frame and map (roughly 1/4 in. thick)
4) Map pins 

Steps to create:
1) Measure and cut the foam board to fit the size of your map. Note: make sure board fits the frame and isn’t too small that it will push through the frame.
2) The crucial part: after reading the specific directions on the adhesive spray, spray the foam board and carefully lay the map starting from one side to the other. Use a ruler or other straight surface to push down on the map as you go to avoid getting any air bubbles. Allow the appropriate time for the map to dry
3) Remove the glass and excess cardboard from the frame and fit the map into the frame.
4) Turn the pins to seal in the map
5) Now the fun part! Push the pins into the places you have been or hope to go
6) You now have a beautiful decoration that will remind you of your past adventures and those to come!

Feel free to respond with any questions!

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