I miss it.
I miss…
Feeling the clean, crisp air swirling through the city.
The scorching hot summer mornings followed by afternoon thunderstorms.
The thousands of active people running, walking, swimming, surfing, sipping their morning cuppa and enjoying every second outside of the office.
The safety and comfort of being ‘down under’.
The surreal feeling that I was living in a dream.
Muesli and yogurt, crunchy Milo in milk, Shapes crackers, Splice popsicles.
Four Pines, Wine Odyssey, Trio, The Australian Hotel, Massive Cafe, FourAteFive cafe, Pony in the Rocks.
The 333 bus barreling down Bondi road as the bright blue ocean gradually appeared up ahead.
The taste of the Sonoma sourdough bread spotted with soy and linseeds topped with homemade strawberry jam.
The awkward moments between the cheek kiss/half hug when greeting someone.
Sprinting down the never-ending escalator to catch the train to work.
Waltzing through the cobblestone ‘rocks’ historic district after work.
The accents and sarcastic sense of humor.
The zoo to balmoral hike ending with lunch at Bather’s Pavilion.
Long friday lunches.
Swishing around in Sydney harbor on the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly beach.
The mist from the ocean hitting the rocks on the Bondi coastal walk.
Strolling through the hand crafted gems at Paddington markets on a Saturday.
Morning summer runs followed by a cool swim in the ocean.
A refreshing ‘Three Sheets’ beer at Lord Nelson’s brewery.
The unbelievably true-blue water surrounding the city.

Phew, much better.

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