The cap is off!

“He told me that if you put fleas in a small jar and close the cover, they will jump so high that they will hit their heads on the cover. After a few hits they will learn to adjust their jump to avoid hitting their heads. When you release them , they will continue to jump ‘short’. No matter how long they’re out of the jar, they will never return to their full capacity for fear of hitting their heads again.

He explained to me that most people tend to live their lives this way. They limit their future based on what happened in the past…If they had been hurt in a relationships, they might say ‘I will never get that close again’….He explained that when you limit your future based on what happened in your past, your future starts to look a lot like the very thing you are trying to avoid: Your past.

Like the fleas, in order to live your life to the fullest, you must take note and realize the cap is off! Everything is available to you.”

– Punished for Purpose by Lauri Burns

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