Coffee Imposter

So here’s the situation – I love the culture, the art, the foam, the cups, the baristas, the different flavors, the establishments, the history and even the taste of coffee. The anomaly here is that I don’t actually, drink coffee. Any one who knows me, knows that ingesting a lot of caffeine is a real bad idea for my health and the sanity of everyone around me due to my natural state of high, at times, frazzled energy. The max hit I can take is a solid cup of chai tea in the morning but no more! It’s funny, I don’t think I will ever understand the whole “ugghhhhh I need my coffee before I can functionnnn…ahhh I’m so tired, where is a Starbucks!?” I feel on the abnormal side for coming out with this information (said the girl who has never had a brain freeze and has even tried inducing one) and I wish things were different, but I just don’t think I will ever experience the desperate craving for a cup of joe. Long story short, the one on the right is decaf….I just wanted to fit in with the rest of you coffee nuts out there! At least for now, tea is the thing for me.

Blue Bottle Coffee
San Francisco, CA

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