One Travelers Mantra

Find joy in the moment. My littlest sister is a very strong-willed, ‘it’s all mental’, kind of person. I love traveling with her because she has a way of staying present in the moment and enjoying every second in that moment. When she came to visit me in Australia she kept saying, “Every fun thing in life always goes by SO fast. No matter what happens on this trip I am going to keep telling myself to soak up everything because in 2 weeks I will wish I was right here in this very place doing it all over again.” It was a great motto for the trip, partially because any time she would get annoyed with me,  I would just bounce right back with….”You’re gonna miss this. You’re gonna want this back.” (also a country song by Trace Adkins).

Sprinkling this mantra into your daily life will help you to reflect on and appreciate each moment. Life will still fly by and there will always be things you do NOT want to do, but at least you have punctuated your days/months/years with special memories that add a piece to the never-ending puzzle of your character and being.





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