In June of this year, I quit my job. So trendy, right?

I quit my job to pursue my passion in writing [sinking in my chair of guilt]. I get mixed responses in sharing this fact. Some people say, wow good for you! Other people are polite but give me a look that screams, what does that even mean? Isn’t work, simply that? What are you seeking? That is so your generation.

But it is so much more than that.
I have a burning inside of me. Something calling me. I have taken off on this new trajectory and still am not totally sure where I’m headed. But I do know for sure that I’m on the right path. I am trying to find patience amidst the unknown, lack of schedule and foggy road ahead.

And in the process, I am traveling.
Just because. Just for adventure’s sake. And taking advantage of this unique time in my life where I don’t have a full-time job, or kids, or other elements that make ‘up and going’ more of a challenge. I am trying to relinquish my guilt and live life, in this moment.

Whatever your current situation is right now, own it with confidence. It’s yours.


Minneapolis, MN
Visiting my brother-in-law and his amazingly unique and perfect family
Three words: goofy, chickens, nonstop

New York City, NY
Visiting my wild and crazy friend Lucy
Three words: inappropriate, bold, new

Portland, OR
Sisters crash my husbands work trip
3 words:
beer, green, slap-happy

San Francisco, CA
A last hurrah with one of my best friends who is having her first baby in January
Three words: happy, crisp, free

One thought on “Be-wild-erment

  1. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you are on the right path that will lead to “greatness” as you always have! I love you tons ❤️

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