Soul Scribbles

Two years ago, I decided to talk to a life coach.
My life felt as organized as my junk drawer and I needed a third-party to help discern my thoughts and visions of the future [or lack thereof]. Relationships, career, and stress/anxiety support were at the top of my ‘get your shit together’ list.

We spent months working together.
I’m not sure what I pictured at the beginning but I thought she would just sort of tell me what to do, right? Wrong.

She in fact, did not tell me what to do.
I told myself what to do through meditation and listening to the words of my intuition. She asked a lot of questions and provided a comfortable atmosphere for me to slow the nonsense chatter and listen to my guiding voices within. Self awareness and inner peace is a lifelong journey, as I have come to learn.  I continually use the tools from our sessions [drawing, meditating, writing, crafting, alone time, prayer journal, etc.] to navigate the highs and lows in a way that works best for ME.

I reflect on the ethereal moments from our sessions and feel so much gratitude for the experience to learn about myself [and my future self] in a tangible way. 

Below are a few of my personal, stream-of-consciousness reflections [most of which you probably won’t understand because it is written in my third-grader chicken scratch]. I will often go back to these scribbles when I feel lost in order to remember what is important to my hungry soul.

I would absolutely, positutely recommend that you have a life coach or mentor [whoever that person is],  to share in meaningful conversations and scribbles about the juicy, heart pumping, important stuff in life.
It helps get your mind organized in a controlled chaos kind of way.


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