Culture Shocks and Interesting Focts

Some shocking cultural differences and a few interesting facts about Australia:

  • My personality was much more ‘excitable’ than most Aussies. I was very easily entertained by everything (a stereotype of Americans)
  • When I told my friends who I was ‘rooting’ for at the footy game, I got REALLY dirty looks.
  • The Arcade is the shopping mall.
  • The Chemist is a pharmacy.
  • A ‘Hotel’ is actually a pub, not a hotel in most cases. The London Hotel, etc.
  • Lean Cuisines are not a staple in their diet, nor do they sell good flavors at Woolworths or Coles.
  • Aussies are very sarcastic so you have to understand their sense of humor or they can come off as a tad abrasive. [Koala’s hang from the local gum trees and can claw your eyes out! FALSE] Be on your A game or they will take advantage of your gullible nature!
  • Most other countries outside of the US have a ‘gap year’ after high school and before college where people are encouraged to travel the world. College isn’t as much of an ‘experience’ like it is here in the U.S and many Aussies live at home and go to the local ‘Uni’. Also – if you wanted to be a doctor for example, 100% of your Uni and post education is all medical (you wouldn’t complete any general education classes).
  • A dingo is a wild dog, not a kangaroo
  • Kangaroo meat is delicious and is one of the leanest meats you can eat
  • The work/life balance is fantastic – Aussies work really hard but also take full advantage of their life outside of the office.

There are a million more differences with every culture, one isn’t better than the other, just different. The beauty is being able to pick out what you love from each place you live or visit to serve as your personal guidelines and road map.

What are some of the biggest shocks you have experienced with new cultures?

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