How old is too old for the egg hunt?

I have a confession. I am 29 years old and still participate in our annual Family Easter Egg Hunt. The tradition began as young kids at my Aunt’s house and we never quite grew out of it. My sister and I are the oldest of 15 cousins. She just had a baby boy and I have a little bean of my own on the way. Until those babies are old enough to hunt, I still think of us as the “kids”. We decorate paper bags with our names and silly Easter drawings while all of the “adults” hide the eggs. They finally let us out like wild geese and our uber competitive nature takes over – especially now that lottery tickets and some light cash is at stake in those bright colored round treasures. We all walk away feeling satisfied (some of us more than others) and it’s a great ending to the day. Maybe I’ll just stay a kid forever.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring.



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